For both nonsurgical and surgical endodontic therapy, dental microscope is indispensable for excellency. Besides the obvious benefits for clinical practice, evidence has shown that the use of dental microscope resulted in better clinical outcomes compared to treatment without vision enhancement or magnifying eyewear. Treatments provided using the dental operating microscope results in superior care for patients.

Operating Microscopes

Working with an operating microscope, we can perform procedures with the ultimate precision.

Superior illumination and visualization of the operating field.

An operating microscope provides superior illumination and magnification to facilitate maximal visualization of all interior aspects of a tooth’s root. Whether treatment is performed by means of a non-surgical method or is a surgical endodontic procedure, any defects such as cracks, root fractures, calcified canals, as well as canals with challenging anatomy can be readily visualized with this optical system.

Elevating the level of precision and the delivery of care.

In addition to the obvious benefits operating microscopes offer in terms of improved diagnostic capabilities and the delivery of care, they support more predictable results and better treatment outcomes.

As compared to non-surgical and surgical procedures performed via direct visualization of the operating field or viewed with magnifying eyewear, operating microscopes offer a superior level of patient care.

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